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We are a chain catering management company with a history of 15 years. Chop&Toss is our first brand, and it has been well-received after being launched in the marketplace. Moreover, the process of starting more subbranches while making constant improvements enabled us to understand new concepts and make new friends. Aside from improving Chop&Toss, we created Thaigo that has a totally different style, and it has also been popular in the marketplace. As for Nikko Teriyaki, it is more about the fast food of Asia, making it a good option for the busy office workers and the shopping mall customers. Though the size of our businesses has grown exponentially, we have still been loyal to innovations and high quality.



Constant innovation is our goal. We developed from our original salad brand to Thai food, Japanese Grill and Korean food. We are looking forward to bringing more good products and brands to the market in the future.


Broadway is a big family. We are looking forward to being in partnership with every new friend, whether you are from the East or West, Asia or Europe. We welcome you to join our team and grow together.


Every comment from our customers and friends is important to us and will be well considered. We firmly believe that only by constantly reviewing ourselves can we go further.

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